Innovation through collaboration

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Who is CollabHub?

When CollabHub started we did a survey on Facebook. It’s still there and you can visit it:

It shows that there are many many music and music technology students, but also the range of other subject areas members come from. You can go there and actually find collaborators. We’d like to develop something like this at the university too, so that you can find collaborators online.

Today there are now over 650 members in our Facebook group! (Posted April 2014)


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A new performance, food and flyers

We have another wonderful performance in the concert. James Dyer from the Multimedia Design course will be perform his live show! Here is something to pique your interest!

Also, Jonathan Buchanan has done a fantastic job, creating flyers and business cards for the Symposium. Watch this space!

I’ve been choosing food for everyone – Twists Pasta and salad spread for lunch and danish pastries in the afternoon. Obviously you’re not just coming for free food, but our delegates will be well fed!


Technical preparations

Last week we had a technical meeting to prepare the use of equipment, including the huge HISS (Huddersfield Immersive Sound System). The meeting was especially useful for us to prepare the sound installation collaboration, created with a group of music technology students and conceptual artists. The piece will be performed all day in Phipps Hall during the Symposium! Thank you PA

Simon C and Simon M talking to PA about configuring the HISS

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Collaboration and Creativity

‘…joint activity has multiple agendas, goals, contexts, tasks, and actors with different intentions. It involves dynamics of agreement, disagreement, and coordination of participants’ contributions.’
(Eugine Masutov, 1996).
‘Group creativity involves distributed cognition – when each member of the team contributes an essential piece of the solution, and these individual components are all integrated together to form the collective product.’
(Keith Sawyer, 2006)
‘Young artists are frequently beset with anxiety. They are confronted by self-doubt. In addition to the encouragement derived from studying the lives of other artistic models, these individuals also need support from those around them…’
(Vera John-Steiner, 1997)
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