News – there will be an extra meeting on May 12th – place to be announced. Click this link to join the group.


Welcome back for the second year of CollabHub! Last year I set up a meeting just to see if anyone was interested in meeting students from different disciplines to work on new ideas together in a more multi-disciplinary setting. This resulted in new projects, sometimes where collaborations extended beyond the University. So if year 1 was all about testing the water, year 2 is going to be all about growing this community.

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You’ll see lots of information on this blog about the symposium, and some of the collaborations. I’ll be posting items about new initiatives. You can also find out more current news on Facebook

Please contact me if you’d like to investigate a collaborative idea. I welcome suggestions about how and what CollabHub can do for you as that’s the main reason it exists.

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Here is the schedule for the coming year

  • October 14th – (time to be confirmed) Welcome back meeting – introductions and news (St Pauls, 3.15 to 5.15 at the latest)
  • November 11th – (evening) Coffeevolution  meet 1: Pitches, demonstrations of work, talk from

Visit our Facebook page to join the next event

  • December 9th – (2.15) Researcher Hub: Pitches, work in progress and talk from
  • January 27th – This one is open. Probably Researcher Hub at 2.15 – possibly the Media Centre in town if there is enough interest.
  • February 18th – (evening) Coffeevolution meet 2: pitches and social night
  • March 17th – (2.15) Atrium (to be confirmed)
  • May 23rd – all day COLLABHUB SYMPOSIUM! Maybe you will work towards presenting something in the concert, an installation, or a talk about your collaborations this year. If you want to be on the CollabHub team please contact (subject CollabHub TEAM). Jobs include marketing, illustration, liaison, producing materials (like the symposium booklet).

Collabhub News

CollabHub initiatives

This year I’m running two initiatives. One with History & Music Technology, and another with Music, Marketing, Music Technology and Enterprise.

If you would like to be involved in a mixed-discipline collaboration like one of these, draft your ideas and send them to . While I work in Music/Music Technology I am interested to help foster collaborations joining all subject areas interested (not only Humanities and Arts, but science, technology and engineering of course). Often project ideas come to me through the University, so if you want something to happen in your area, talk to your tutor and contact me. You never know!

Project 1: Sound walks project.

I’m working with the History team and Huddersfield Creative Arts Network on a new project that asks teams to develop sound walks about Huddersfield. This includes a guest speaker, mentoring from outside the University, and a pitch. The group with the best project will receive funding to deliver it and it will actually be used! The details of this project are currently being developed and may be subject to change. But if you’re a music technology student please contact me. History students will be contacted by their tutor.

Project 2: EMu Experiment – [Enterprise Music Experiment] – Music, History, Enterprise and Music Technology

Dr Liz Dobson (Music Technology),  Dr Rita Klapper (Enterprise) & Glynnis Jones (Marketing)

This is an open call for 15 Music and 15 Music Technology (including pop and CMT) year 2 undergraduates, to participate in a fantastic new initiative with the business school. The project has been designed to help you recognise how you are, and can become more enterprising; especially to help you reflect on how to build a career out of your knowledge and skills as a musician.
The project outline is below so have a look and if you would like a place you must subscribe using the appropriate link :
The first 15 students from each subject area will be chosen.
EMu Experiment: further information
Launch workshop
Wednesday September 25th
1 – 3pm in Business School (3rd floor)
Room: BS3/01
Only attend if you have registered on the link above
This includes:
– Workshop on enterprise – ‘Out of the box’
– Project briefing – introductions to Enterprise BA(Hons), and Marketing BA(Hons) students and guidelines for your 2 week collaboration and business development initiative.
– Information to support collaborative work
Business development
You will form an interdisciplinary group and develop a business venture based on your skills/experience/knowledge in music. We’re keen to help you develop confidence in your existing abilities, and through work with enterprise students, identify and develop a business venture. Each group will receive a small investment (up to £20), and over the 2 weeks that follow you will start up a money making venture with a social dimension. This will involve attracting clients (perhaps other students, staff, local business etc.) and the aim is to reimburse our investment, perhaps even grow it. Each group must document the process, collecting photographs, video, audio and documents to submit in a digital format with the final pitch.
Dragon’s Den pitches
October 9th, time between 3pm and 7pm (details to follow)
Each group will present the business concept and what you have accomplished in the 2 weeks to a panel of enterprise experts. You will receive incredibly valuable advice and guidance on your work and projections and this may seed ideas for your career. At worst, you will have made some excellent contacts outside of the department!
If you’re interested, but have questions, please contact Liz Dobson (
We are particularly keen to encourage anyone who is particularly unsure about developing a portfolio career, or how to make money doing what you love!
So if this kind of event worries you, it could mean that it is precisely the kind of thing that you should be doing!!!

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