Innovation through collaboration

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Guest speakers at the Symposium

We have three fantastic guest speakers presenting at the symposium:

Jeff and Adam of Twists Pasta Bar will be talking about enterprise at The University of Huddersfield. They are just finishing their respective degree courses now and despite the demands of their university course and life they started their own business. You can find out more about the people who supported them, their advice to other enterprising students, and reflections on their journey.

Mark Longbottom is an artist who  really mastered the craft of building his networks and communities a long time before we were online and connected. He will be looking at the importance of being sociable with people outside our known communities. Having the confidence in ourselves when developing engaging relationships with people who inspire, influence and excite us. His business is design58 a social media consultancy He has been  involved in collaborative artwork, projects and events since the early 1980’s and carry on doing what he was doing then, now. Mainly meeting people who want to talk and want to interact and participate and reposnd to what others are doing. Also see Let’s Keep Talking Here and Let’s Talk Here