So if you’re new to CollabHub and visiting this page for the first time, all you need to know is this: CollabHub offers regular meetings for you to pitch an idea, modest or ambitious and see who wants to work with you. For example, you might have a great idea for designing something but you don’t have the programming skills or design background to develop it… so you offer your idea to whoever attends and see if there is anyone there who would like to work on it with you. CollabHub gives you 2 minutes, with web and a computer, to simply pitch your idea. You can pitch it online too, via this website.

Luke, presenting a pitch at a CollabHub meeting

CollabHub is a kind of sandpit, so your idea might just be little, or it could be to create something huge. For example Quynh Pham (one of our students from Vietnam) has pitched “The HD Postcode Project: an expression of huddersfield outside classrooms.”

Here is Qyunh’s pitch:

HD project web

If you’re interested in talking to Qyunh about this join the facebook group and you can find her there.

If you’re interested in presenting a pitch hover over the ‘project news’ tab and click on ‘invite collaborators’, or click here


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