First CollabHub meeting

UnLtd-AwardWinner_FullColour_3000px   UnLtd for social enterprise HudUnLtd

Basic CMYK

CollabHub is short for Collaboration Hub

  • It is a social enterprise for students across the university to meet each other and create multi-disciple teams.
  • It was developed to foster confidence for collaborative practice, to help students build future networks and possible professional relationships.
  • The door is open for collaboration beyond the University, inviting the possibility of relationships with local and creative businesses.
  • The goal is simply based on the notion giving ‘the gift of confidence’ (Vera John-Steiner adapts this idea from Jean-Paul Sartre); confidence gained though group identity, and confidence to negotiate the challenge of collaboration.
  • CollabHub belongs to the students. It is driven by their innovations and willingness to take risks in an assessment and course free social context.
  • CollabHub also aims to draw on local social enterprise networks and a longer term strategy for this is being developed. A sister blog hosted at The University of Huddersfield. It acts as a portal to this blog while providing some information about the hub.


First meeting was on October 3rd 2012, 32 members and 7 pitches were presented. We now have over 323 members in the Facebook group. Members are from a wide range of disciplines, and also from some other Universities, and arts communities. CollabHub is not limited to creative arts though; this group welcomes all students as diverse multi-discipline teams can be formed. CollabHub is a kind of playground, a sandpit for creating and exploring ideas.

CollabHub explained – (click here for a .pdf about the history of CollabHub so far)

This blog features updates on meetings, news, links and thoughts on creativity and collaborative creativity and related theoretical works.

1st Symposium on May 11th!

Liz Dobson talks about CollabHub and the UnLtd funding 

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