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Huddersfield Sound Walk Launched

On November 27th the Huddersfield Sound Walk project was launched. Following lectures on history sound walks Hugh Goulbourne and Carole Patterson from Huddersfield Creative Arts Network  introduced the brief for students develop ideas, then develop sound walks of the town.

The students then went to a computer lab where music technology students were able to teach history students how to use Zoom audio recorders and Audacity software.


Students exchanged contact details and now we look forward to the next meeting on December 11th at 11.15 – where individuals or groups will offer early ideas and build teams to start working on them.

If you’d like to get involved in the project –

(perhaps you have an idea for some kind of sound experience in the area, to be performed using geolocation via a handheld device, or an other kind of guided audio tour) – just e-mail about coming to the next meeting. You might just come along if interested to join one of the existing teams. This doesn’t have to focus on history, you could compose an imagined future, or alternative environment…

CollabHub November Meeting

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CollabHub November Meeting

Welcome to CollabHub! Jon helping us prepare.

Last night we had the second meeting of this academic year. A social event in a more relaxed environment.

Pitches from Rob Rideout (music happenings), Elias Merino (location sound and geolocation compositions), Alex Johansson (computer games) Daniel Atkins (all kinds of collaborators for a summer festival)

Presentations of Alex and Will’s Trenchbrain game (a collaboration that was seeded through CollabHub and is leading to paid professional work through their growing partnership), and the stunning interactive project with Darius, Will and local artist Dex Hannon. Words can express how inspiring this is.

Also our special guest speakers, Nic, Sam and Stacey who are now co-directors of Fifth Planet ( Not only did your videos inspire me to want to study at Huddersfield, but your drive, determination and talent really showed the other students what is possible…

Thank you to The University of Huddersfield for equipment and especially to Coffeevolution for being amazing host.

A few more pictures, and many more to follow. I hope that Daniel won’t mind me quoting him from the Facebook group:

“Just to say, I went to the CollabHub ‘get-together’ last night to see what it was all about and it was the most worthwhile evening I’ve had in Huddersfield so far! The place was full of inspiring people, who are desperate to collaborate. If anyone wants to help Joe and myself put on an outdoor music festival around May/ June time just let one of us know (you don’t need to be Michael Eavis). Thank you to Fifth Planet Productions C.I.C for your speech – absolutely brilliant and I look forward to working with you “

Alex and Nic discussing media related business

Alex and Nic discussing media related business

Fifth Planet Presenting

Collabhub meeting 2 2013 3

Apologies for the grainy images – Jon took lots of video and I will upload nicer images soon…




Enterprise Music Experiment

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In the first 3 weeks of this academic year CollabHub saw Music and Music Technology degree students working with Enterprise BA(Hons) students through staff collaboration.

Here is a full report on this amazing project!

Scroll down here to see scrolling pictures from the Dragons Den style pitches.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 17.58.12

Congratulations to all involved.

For the first time ever we saw music, music technology and enterprise degree students working together. Facilitated by Dr Ritta Klapper and Dr Liz Dobson

For the first time ever we saw music, music technology and enterprise degree students working together. Facilitated by Dr Ritta Klapper and Dr Liz Dobson

Students formed their own multi-discipline teams and developed social enterprise businesses with a music element. The final businesses included:

– Soundpainting for non-musicians

– Learn a musical instrument (matching teachers with new students in the university)

– Pitch Play (software for teaching music)

– Pub Quiz (integrating course knowledge in a less formal quiz setting at University)

– Uptown Vibes (cafe music enterprise for fostering new performers and artists in a quieter space)

learn instrument2


Dr Rita Klapper questioning the boxes the students put themselves in