Huddersfield Sound Walk Launched
Dr Steven Poole presenting Ghosts in the Garden (

On November 27th the Huddersfield Sound Walk project was launched. Following lectures on history sound walks Hugh Goulbourne and Carole Patterson from Huddersfield Creative Arts Network  introduced the brief for students develop ideas, then develop sound walks of the town.

The students then went to a computer lab where music technology students were able to teach history students how to use Zoom audio recorders and Audacity software.


Students exchanged contact details and now we look forward to the next meeting on December 11th at 11.15 – where individuals or groups will offer early ideas and build teams to start working on them.

If you’d like to get involved in the project –

(perhaps you have an idea for some kind of sound experience in the area, to be performed using geolocation via a handheld device, or an other kind of guided audio tour) – just e-mail about coming to the next meeting. You might just come along if interested to join one of the existing teams. This doesn’t have to focus on history, you could compose an imagined future, or alternative environment…

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