Innovation through collaboration

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14 months old – 500 members on Facebook!


14 months ago I organised a meeting for students to pitch ideas and meet potential collaborators.

Now we have 500 members

Early evidence that CollabHub partnerships can lead to professional contacts and paid work.

Lots of new projects and exciting initiatives involving partners across schools. See the symposium and pictures

Projects with people outside the university – we welcome people from our local community!

Opportunities to apply course skills to different settings. (in this early film made by a spinoff student group, two students talk about this)

Masses of evidence that students at The University of Huddersfield are enterprising.

Evidence that participation in something small (and not assessed) can really help build confidence and collaborative relationships- like a ladder to something more…

Visit us on Facebook to see the wall and find out what students are pitching.

Visit the next event to find out how you can meet CollabHub members – nothing better than meeting and networking in person!