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Connecting with 6Million+ In our Hands

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This film was presented as part of 6Million+ to commemorate the Holocaust and respond to other examples of genocide.

It was created by an interdisciplinary team and there are credits at the end. The photographs below show the students at the briefing meeting last year.

You can seem more about the development of the project here

Connecting with 6Million+ In our Hands - Photograph by Jon Crook

Connecting with 6Million+ In our Hands – Photograph by Jon Crook

International students connected with this incredible Holocaust memorial project through CollabHub. Anyone is welcome to join the team and work on the table top meditation. It comes from where each button represents a person killed in the Holocaust. If you want to connect with us and join in just visit this facebook page

Buttons - Photo By Jon Crook

Photo By Jon Crook

CollabHub & internation students attending Buttons

International students waiting to learn about 6Million+ In Our Hands at Huddersfield Art Gallery

Author: Liz Dobson

Lecturer in Music Technology at The University of Huddersfield. Interested in fostering undergraduate multi-disciplinary collaboration, blurring community boundaries for the benefit of learning in informal settings.

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