March 27th saw the launch of Hudscape

hudscape hudscape


Huge congratulations to Pip, Abeey, Alex and Dan for their immense work curating and delivering the event. Many thanks to Richard Bates who facilitated the event at Bates Mill and also thanks to Jon and Martyn who will soon be presenting their Huddersfield Punk History at the Heroes and Monsters HEA conference:

The Hudscape project is only just getting started – here is the soundmap  – we are working on the platform that we would like to use for the locative audio part of this project.

Do you want to contribute a Hudscape layer? Fairly soon we’re going to start uploading audio to the map. What struck me (Liz) at the launch was how this map can become a catalyst for such imaginative work! So many people pinned ideas to the map… so have a think. Perhaps you have a history you would like to tell, a narrative, or sound from a particular location, or perhaps sound that must be heard only in that location.

hudscape map


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