(SS) David Kilby – Musician (2014)

I am a Pianist, keyboardist, songwriter, composer, vocalist, backing vocalist. I have 14 years piano experience, grade 8 and plays by ear. Experience in various bands as keys/vocals/backing vocals/acoustic guitar/main songwriter. Experience in collaboration with visual arts projects. Piano/piano-based/electronic composition for film/animation. Composes/writes in many different styles. https://soundcloud.com/davidkilby Here is a collaboration with Pip Williamson who is also extremely … Continue reading (SS) David Kilby – Musician (2014)

Symposium – is….?

Well if you google it you'll find that it's a drinking party http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Symposium  Kinda! This is probably sightly more accurate: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/symposium The CollabHub Symposium is more of a kind of incubator - an exhibition and celebration of collaborative work done this year. It is also a chance for lots of people to come together, enjoy cake, music, … Continue reading Symposium – is….?

Collabhub Symposium (2014)

May 23rd 2014 Film premiere from The Broken Toy Company local artists... AND a keynote presentation from the incredibly enterprising Fifth Planet Productions; a trio of directors who set up this successful media company as they graduated. They will talk about their journey 1 year on! See the Facebook Group here and join by signing up to the Eventbrite here: RESERVE YOUR PLACE!  Expo … Continue reading Collabhub Symposium (2014)