Joshua Williams – Final year Contemporary Art

26th April 2014

Joshua providing drinks at Bates Mill (Hudscape)

Photograph by Aaron Haviland

I first heard of CollabHub when I was in my second year of study, when it had its first meeting and since, I have met many people whom I have had the chance to work with and have made a substantial impact on my views about collaborating with others as an undergraduate. For example, I have had the opportunity to meet and work with CollabHub Sound, to be interviewed by CollabHub News and eventually, to work with the Drama Society and to work with Hudscape and musicians on my project ‘EMP/B13’.

Since CollabHub began, I have enjoyed the experience of collaborating with others, including other graduates at the University of Huddersfield. For example, I collaborated with Donna Peach, a PhD student on our talk, ‘Traversing Art and Pyschology’ which I found very beneficial and hope that others did, when we presented at last year’s symposium. I managed also that year, to contribute to CollabHub Sound, as a contributing artist, working with music students and my colleague, Ella Dooley ~ I thoroughly enjoyed both the experience and the outcome of all our collective efforts.

This year, I have worked with a different group of musicians, on a project codenamed ‘EMP/B13’ led by my ambitions as an artist, hoping to hear what my sound would be like if played by musicians themselves. I was amazed by what could be done – both just listening to the works and to see how well the musicians bonded together the different instruments to create such an ethereal sound.

I feel that through CollabHub, and the experiences I have enjoyed, I have made new connections and improved my knowledge, by being able to work with other subject disciplines and see things from their point of view – when it comes to things like projects, inclusive of my own perspective.

Furthermore, I’d like to state that as a student with autism spectrum disorder, I found the overall experience I have had of working with others, meeting new people, engaging and participating in new activities to be thoroughly enjoyable and that it has been a delight working with everyone that I have met up to now.

I hope to return next year, to engage in more collaborative practice and broaden my knowledge even further, but also as a member of CollabHub, I’d like to see more collaborations, more people, more initiative everywhere; it’s fantastic that it’s going strong and I hope to see it continue to develop, strength and grow.




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