Welcome (Diary of a tutor post 1) You may have been here before, or not, but welcome all the same. This blog is just part of our University wide collaboration hub – welcoming all to take a look, visit our Facebook page and think about new possibilities and ideas. Think of it as a kind of incubator, where ideas and networks can grow from virtually nothing; a community of experts. Yup, you’re the experts and we’re just the facilitators.

learn instrument2 I studied creativity, collaboration and education in my PhD, sat behind a computer (little changes) for roughly 7 years. After reading far too many books I decided that it was time to test the water and see what students are ready for – quite a lot it seems! CollabHub has taken me on a most unexpected journey, introduced me to a lot of remarkable people (students, staff, local artists) and taught me a lot about my own limitations :). IMG_9586 Most of all it has taught me the following – all you need is a platform. Well, a platform, a community, the confidence that comes from this, control and the flexibility to take risks with your practice because it isn’t being assessed as part of the degree. 6million I won’t bore you with theory, well not unless you ask (in which case I’ll bang on about Keith Sawyer, Vygotsky and various others for hours). What is much more compelling is the work that I’ve seen this year. The passion of the Hudscape team as they worked together like no professional team I have ever seen to launch a huge event at Bates Mill. The passion of Rob, inspiring others to join his Bad Ideas Band, which is quite honestly a genius idea! The drive of Abeey Mcalpine who has a special # of her own now #poweredbyabeey! The incredible work of the Huddlefest team with Danny and Denzel pushing forward to create an amazing event for the whole town on Sept 20th. Oh and how could I forget to mention the stunning graphics and animation work that Pip has produced for all of us this year, let alone actually curating the Bates Mill evening so brilliantly. When I welcomed everyone and pointed out that she had done this (and by the way she is a 1st year) there was an audible gasp in the room. They worked brilliantly as a team and I wouldn’t hesitate to employ any one of them! Lately I’ve celebrated and questioned my time spent on such a lot of extra-curricular work but you know what – CollabHub is fuelled by your passions, talents, ambitions and dare-to-do attitude. To own and as Danny said at one of our Higher Education Academy seminars last month ‘students just don’t understand the word no’! Well some students don’t that’s for sure and they seem to be the driving force of innovation and learning by doing things together. The real spirit of a University education, very much alive at Huddersfield. You lot don’t wait, or ask, you just do it! As it is very nearly 1am I’m just going to post this short film here… enjoy!

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