May 23rd 2014

Film premiere from The Broken Toy Company local artists…

AND a keynote presentation from the incredibly enterprising Fifth Planet Productions;

a trio of directors who set up this successful media company as they graduated. They will talk about their journey 1 year on!

See the Facebook Group here and join by signing up to the Eventbrite here: RESERVE YOUR PLACE! 

Expo market 15 stalls and they’re going to go quickly! Exhibitors include the following so far:

1) The Unpretentious Arts

2) Fifth Planet Productions

3) Knitter Natter

4) Punk in Huddersfield – Jon Crook and Martyn Richardson

6) Pictures&Noise

7) The Craft Workshop

8) WI


If you want to reserve a stall e-mail – for exhibiting your work, for sharing the work of a group that you belong to, stimulating new collaborations! Info on the projects run this year. Inspired original performances from the Bad Ideas Band and a new collective exploring ideas of initiative especially for the event.

Food, festival and celebration of work – doors are open beyond the campus EVERYONE is welcome to join the party – which I might add is free! So come and hear about collaborating with students, meet other artists and consider a project that you might want to get off the ground. MAY 23rd at The University of Huddersfield Creative Arts Building Last year


public speaking

games guys


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