Huddersfield Creative Arts Network (HCAN) have raised £4580 for an interdisciplinary team of students involved in CollabHub to develop their Huddersfield Sound Walk (now HudScape) project. The team includes an animation student (Pip Williamson), business studies student (Abigail McAlpine) and two music technology students (one from each school, Alex Baker and Dainius Kacinskas). As this has grown from CollabHub, I will offer a little support but the project will be delivered by students to HCAN, with them as mentors.  

The project emerged from Janette Martin’s work on history sound walks which also led to the paper that music tech student Jon Crook and history student Richard Martyn will be presenting at this HEA conference in June.

Next, we are meeting with HCAN to discuss conditions relating to that fund, and how they want to coach students to increase it to £40k and develop a bespoke platform for sonic experiences in Huddersfield. We currently run the online website (supported by James Suret) but here we are talking about all sorts of fabulous possibilities for collaborative work, composers platforms and projects relating to history, enterprise, music, sound, education… let’s just say that it’s exciting.
If you are interested to know more about this and other projects they have run this year – the students are presenting the Symposium on May 23rd in the CAB – There will also be a collaboration networking ‘market’ in the Atrium for 2 hours from 1-3. It would be wonderful to see you there, but if you can’t please do share because there is lots of scope for interdisciplinary innovation and they might just make some great contacts (not only amongst the students)
More information about other High Street Innovation Fund success stories for our area here

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