Several people have suggested that it would be really helpful to see the projects that are coming out of CollabHub. It is difficult to document, in part because people might just come to one meeting, develop a friendship and start making work together at a later time, and also because lots of projects happen out of my gaze. This is fabulous, but I can only document what I see – but I have to say that it quite a lot. So I had a go.

CollabHub network
CollabHub network

Click on the image to open a version with live hyperlinks. 

Link to Kinetic Typography with Pip, Alex and Dex Hannon

Also I hope they won’t mind but a few fantastic quotes from groups who have made connections through coming to CollabHub meetings:

David Helm: “Since Collabhub I’ve contacted Rob (and Jess) at Hoot, and will be doing some stuff for their Innovation programme which is brilliant! Also visited their sister programme artists in Mind(AIM) and discussed some possible collaboration in their work with various groups using mental health services….wouldn’t have connected without Collabhub.”

Denzel Roach from Huddlefest: “People involved with Collabhub have donated their time and skills to the Huddlefest event and has been a great forum from which we could pitch to a varied audience.”

Unpretentious Arts: ” #popupexhibitions are all your fault!! Telling people they could come and pitch an idea made us actually think of an idea to pitch!”

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