Jon and Martyn are talking on the BBC about their Punk in Huddersfield work this morning.

Their facebook page

If you were around at the time please don’t hesitate to email us  and we will forward that on to the guys. They’d be delighted to hear from you as they continue working on their documentary.


Jon and Martyn - Music and history collaboration
Jon and Martyn – Music and history collaboration

Jon is a music technology student who was in Huddersfield at the time, and Martyn is a history student with some fantastic academic skills. They met through a CollabHub & History collaborative project and their work has really rocketed with 2 conference papers and now an appearance on the radio!

CollabHub is a melting pot for students, and non-students from any discipline to pitch ideas and build collaborations from scratch. We have meetings between September and May and an annual symposium. Please look around the website to find out more about the group, and again, please just email me (Liz Dobson) if you’re interested in attending a meeting and finding out more.

The idea of this hub is to foster ideas and projects through collaboration. Hope to hear from you if you’re intrigued!

Check out the 700+ members on our Facebook Page for CollabHub

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