By Abigail McAlpine and Richard Gartland

Initiative is not something you can purchase in stores. You can be given all the skills and knowledge required to do a task but not have the ability to see the opportunities where there are none.

Having the initiative means taking the lead and that introductory step, having the mindfulness to initiate actions and to be the one to make the decision to do so.

Collabhub is a great network of people who want and desire more for themselves and take the initiative to create the opportunities to do so. It is a great forum to practice and hone your skills whilst working with and networking with like-minded people. Probably one of the most rewarding things you can do with your time at university. Creating the networking opportunity to make friends and build on your portfolio at the same time.

It has to be said that initiative isn’t necessarily something that comes naturally, it’s something that has to be proactively taken by you. The first step to taking initiative and being more proactive is knowing how to recognise opportunities that are presented, even if they seem challenging. In fact, it’s even more applicable when the task at hand is more daunting. Initiative isn’t a personality trait, it’s a choice made by anyone who wishes to develop and be successful.

Having the initiative is knowing when to cut out the bad decisions and opportunities is just as important as knowing when to take them on.

The following small collaborative project with Richard Gartland about initiative, is a very literal example of this:

Richard collected quotes about initiative from Collabhub members in audio and text form. The idea was to capture the student’s concept of initiative in an audio track. Richard then took the quotes and created a 5 minute concept track with the quotes. The track accompanied a talk about initiative at The Symposium event in May 2014.

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