Moving into the start of year 3 for CollabHub I’m extremely excited about the first meeting tomorrow evening! The networks are growing, and the University boundaries appear to be dissolving, or fracturing a little more each year. Students working across years, across courses and with external organisations… building confidence in their skills and collaborations, and bridges between courses and their emerging professional identities.

6million+ team
This is the interdisciplinary team that produced a short animated film as part of Antonia Stowe’s 6 Million + Holocaust memorial work. The film was presented at Huddersfield Town Hall on Holocaust Memorial Day. The team consisted of several international and home students, including animators, a composer, sound engineer, voice actor and actor. (

Tomorrow, for the first time, students have developed the welcome meeting. We will launch their new branding for CollabHub, and they will also offer a platform for the opening pitches for the year.

There will be presentations from:

  • Myself: to welcome everyone, but also to highlight a few projects that I’d like to get running this year. Including the Huddersfield Soundscape initiative.
  • Unpretentious Arts: Antonia and Brian have worked with students already and they are keen to launch a textiles and art initiative.
  • Ahmed Haroon: Final year student who is developing an interactive story experience and seeking collaborators.
  • Rob Rideout: Postgraduate popular music and creativity specialist. Explaining the Bad ideas Band and inviting collaborations
  • Sebastian Lehmann: Graduate and self-employed composer will talk about his ideas for starting up projection mapping in Huddersfield.
  • Ian Caballero: Postgraduate music and sound technologist and composer will talk about installations involving public water fountains.
  • Hiliary Scholes: To introduce the Mrs Sunderland music competition, seeking a team to foster the ‘battle of the bands’ part of this major event.
  • Julio d’Escrivan: probably a video pitch inviting musicians and sound designers to join his music business initiative.
We host an annual Symposium in the Creative Arts Building. To celebrate and promote undergraduate interdisciplinary work.

There will also be examples of work from last year (including a beautiful short film for 6Million+, and a Kinetic Typography based story with local artist Dex Hannon), and a short talk from Deborah Templeton about her interdisciplinary work with Tim Moss and Monty Adkins for IOU theatre.

So come and be inspired by the huge wave of energy and naturally emerging passions. Here we make and celebrate new work, inspire, innovate and create.

See you tomorrow!


The first meeting was on October 3rd 2012. 30 people attended and several are still very much linked to CollabHub. Some people watch, some people start new initiatives. It doesn’t matter, just come and see what intrigues you.

St Pauls Hall at 5.15pm 

Please register here (free)

Facebook CollabHub group:

Facebook event:

At the 2013 Symposium we were blessed with performances from Rob Rideout’s Bad Ideas Band and also local musicians linked to Hoot. The picture shows the ‘market’, something that I hope we will do again this year.

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