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University of Huddersfield Graduate profiles… and more to follow

Graduate Profiles Pages

Graduate Profiles Pages

Well this is in the early stages still but I’m really excited to share this page with you. Or alumni (Music, Humanities and Media, Art, Design and Architecture first) are being invited to send their profile information and portfolio links to be hosted as a profile on the University website. This is really excellent for networking, and also to see what some of our alumni are getting up to now. Previously less visible information made really visible to inspire undergraduates, and foster collaboration.

So here is the website in it’s early form

If you want to share your portfolio and start a profile just click here and complete the form! You’ll need a good photograph and your web urls to hand!

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Just had a fantastic conference call with the Collaborizm team in New York.

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CollabHub is all about planting some seeds and seeing what grows and blossoms. Collaborizm is also!

It was heartwarming to discover their passion for fostering exploratory work – providing matches for people interested in collaboration. A few Huddersfield people have left a profile there… why not start a mini project over Christmas. When you register you are asked questions about your approach to projects, how much time you’d like to spend on a new project (i.e. just 1 hour a week) etc.

When I have a moment I’ll tell you more. Let us know if you start a project and we can promote your work via the CollabHub blog too.

Oh and notice they have a blog with some interesting projects being highlighted.