“Hello everyone,
We are Fabrikotion – a studio based duo of musicians/composers. A few days ago we released our first collaborative work, which is an EP combining elements of folktronica, ambient music and downtempo. We could describe the music as cinematic, and since it is difficult to translate into a live performance, we were thinking it would be great to have a video made for it and target film festivals (Holmfirth film festival is a great opportunity!) 
Whilst the EP follows a linear progression (the end of every piece is connected with the beginning of the next), each piece is a different environment and there is not a clear narrative behind the album, so we are probably leaning towards an abstract film. Also, since all the music was inspired by water (and there is a lot of actual water sounds too – mostly sea waves) we would like the visuals to somehow incorporate the movement of ebb and flow. 
Of course these are only suggestions and we are open to any interesting ideas film-makers may have! If you are interested, please send us examples of your work, or initial responses about how you would accompany/translate the music visually.
Here is a five minute preview of the album:
and you can listen to the whole EP here:

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