Welcome to the EQ network!

 The Berlin-based group was founded on February 10, 2015. We warmly welcome women who work in all types of electronic music and audio work.

– We are a group of female musicians identified that work with any type of sound technology.

– The single currency are exchanged here is knowledge and / or expertise. Bring your skills and abilities and replaces them with ours.

– Member of the EQ network is to be appreciated that we can help each other and thus have the opportunity to talented but not to promote established artists, and to strengthen their skills and self-confidence by being members of a larger community, it supports. There is also the opportunity to work together.

 – Members agree to meet Regularly (eg monthly).

– Members agree to give each other a supportive environment without burdening individuals particularly.


The first two events have been organized. Key aspects, dates and locations will be announced as soon as possible on this website.

1 – Listening

2 – soldering! With Flora Könemann Video Link

3 – Make: members bring with it the tool itself, there is a possibility for live improvisation! 


Existing members come and go depending on their schedules.

– Committed to working with Ableton, dj equipment, Max, Live synth and sampling controller, piezo microphones and circuit bending, Coding;

– Working in the field of studio-based compositions (including electro-acoustic music) and live improvisation;


– Ideas seem more important than finding Equipment! Concepts, ideas, literature … all have a great passion for their work!


New Users: If you are interested in a meeting please contact Liz: collabhub@hud.ac.uk

This is a temporary contact until we have more structure – although it also has its charm, if such a business casual and arises naturally …

Come for more information about a meeting and considered what could offer her future (skills, knowledge, experience, insight).


Members Profile 

KorelKorhan “Liz” Erel is a / e gender fluid computer musician / in, improviser / in, composer / sound artist and in / in, headquartered in Berlin. He / she uses various digital technologies and field recordings to improvise, to create conceptual designs and sound to create Tonkunstwerke.

Next Event: korhanerel.com/concerts/2015-2



On The Left

Noise Manifesto proactively support equal rights in music

female: pressure database for female identified musicians and visual artists

Background: Liz Dobson is a lecturer in music technology and is very involved for creating a support mechanism in which girls and women can develop their skills in music technology. In January 2015, she traveled to interview musicians for a month to Berlin. When she felt the potential for mutual support, they had the idea to bring together this group in Germany. The EQ network exists to provide opportunities for knowledge exchange and communities in various forms of sound and electronic music, which has been more of a men’s range. There are socio-cultural benefits for these types of communities; what I liked was available for discussion.

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