coffee kabin

CollabHub is a group led by students and members of our local community, with support from staff and the Teaching and learning Institute at The University of Huddersfield. It is an opportunity to initiate your own plan

– business, science, music and arts events that you want support to run

– maybe you want to facilitate a collaboration workshop

– perhaps you just want experience in social media promotions or to meet people outside the university

Let us help you grow the seed of an idea, no matter how small or ambitious. You only need come to a meeting but you’re more than welcome to come to the next executive committee meeting and think about how your interests can be furthered with our support. This is all about taking risks and growing your skills and confidence while at the university.

The next executive meeting is on Monday 23rd February at 5.15 

The agenda will include

– the symposium

– meeting dates for this year

– presenting at the MH&M staff away day

– presenting at the next TALI conference

– survey of CollabHub members

– structure and mechanism for sustainability of CollabHub as we move into the fourth year!

e-mail if you’d like to come.

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