The next CollabHub meeting is on Monday at 5.15 – in The Researcher Hub (RH2/07  – there will be posters)


Welcoming new pitches, work in progress and hosting a collaboration workshop to prepare the symposium!

Please join here:


Why come?

Some people come to hear new ideas, just to see what happens at a Collaboration Hub meeting and make some new contacts.

You can bring an idea, to pitch to the group and see if you can find any likeminded collaborators with complementary skills.

You might decide to join a project or just make a few contacts, or just hear a bit about other projects that are growing.

Who comes?

While the group is on campus at the university – everyone, and I mean everyone (!) is welcome.

There is a current dominance of music and visual arts, but we are keen to encourage engineers, designers, educators, scientists – anyone interested in doing new work.

You might want to build a team to explore an interesting project – as the community grows we hope that the range and diversity of projects will too.

Contact us to ask more

May 16th is the CollabHub Symposium – details to follow!

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