CollabHub Symposium

Along with the Expo, special guest speakers and concert we are now introducing:

30 minute basic introduction to… workshops for all

Saturday May 16th

University of Huddersfield

Register for the full event here, then you can choose your workshops

Note that the Ableton workshop runs at the same time as the first three Adobe workshops

mac lab

Bookings for the full Symposium (including these workshops) will be available here soon…

Offered by students and graduates for anyone interested in trying out new software or developing knowledge in

 Adobe After Effects, Ableton Live, Illustrator, Photoshop and MakeyMakey, or Speed reading and public speaking!

 This is an opportunity to use some of the facilities, meet students and seek out practitioners who may be able to assist/collaborate with you on another project.

Each workshop is detailed below. 

 Ableton Live Brendan McLaughlin, Sebastian Lehmann and Jonathan Buchannanlive

A 90 minute workshop taking you through a thorough foundation in this software. More details to follow.

Brendan been using Ableton Live for nearly 6 years, and have gained interest from several club nights and record labels (Black Wax, Potential Sounds) under the moniker ’SuM’. 

Jonathan is another experienced producer who also manages Godja Recordings. You can hear examples of his music here 

Sebastian is co-director of new graduate company Banana Audio, and you can hear examples of their work here

illustrator  Illustrator Pip Williamson

This workshop is for people interested in learning Illustrator basics and making a new profile picture. You will learn how to use the pen tool, create graphics from scratch and create your own graphic portrait! You’ll also learn how to make vector graphics and make copyright-free graphics. You just need to have a basic knowledge of how to use an Apple Mac Computer.

makeyCardboard beats Keyboard – A basic introduction to the Makey Makey Alex Johansson

For this workshop, I’m going to be showing you how technology is allowing people in physical mediums to build new ways to interact with computers. In layman’s terms, we’re going to build a bunch of controllers out of cardboard!

  • Who should come? Anyone who is interested in video games, interactive exhibits or electronics.
  • Learning outcomes? Build a fresh new controller out of everyday items to operate a video game.
  • Prior Skills Needed? A understanding of how to use a computer.

Speed reading  Michael Czerniak

Do you remember that book you’ve bought the other day promising yourself you will read it, yet it’s now collecting dust on a shelf? Ever wondered what it could be like if you could read most, if not that entire book in one evening?
   This workshop will look at the common obstacles and drawbacks in increasing your reading speed and boosting your comprehension. You will learn the foundations of speed reading practice and will gain first hand experience on accelerating your reading speed. 
   You will also learn tips and tricks on how to improve concentration and retain focus during your future reading sessions.
   Accelerate your studies and personal growth by applying the speed reading principles and techniques from this quick-paced 30min workshop.

after effectsAnimation  Pip Williamson

This workshop is for anyone interested in learning After Effects basics, and how to make a cool video :). You need a basic knowledge of how to work an Apple Mac computer. The workshop covers the following skills:

  • Creating and moving shapes in Adobe After Effects.
  • Synching animation to music.
  • Stitching renders together to make custom music sequences.

You will know how to use a colour swatch, how to make smooth and convincing animations in After Effects, and how to be part of a collaborative animation project. Ultimately you will leave with a video of your own!

 photoshopPhotoshop Algirdas Paulauskas

This workshop is an introductory session for anyone who can use an Apple Mac. More details to follow…


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