St Paul’s Church

World Premiere of Colour Sound Font 

An installation created collaboratively with Dex Hannon (who’s work you can currently see exhibited at the Lawrence Batley Theatre), Reuben Thomas and Alex Baker. Both University of Huddersfield undergraduates through most of the development of this project.

Rob Rideout’s Bad Ideas Band 

A live band format that begins with the booking, at which point Rob invites musicians for 12 hours of rehearsals to create the set from scratch, perform the gig the disbands the group.







 The Synaesthesia Project – Dex Hannon This is an experimental work that attempts to bring together three creative art forms: sound, colour, and music. 

The piece works in three ways simultaneously, using visuals, sounds, and words. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned an instrument and an animation which are designed to reflect the character of the letter. In other words, the poet is given two further instruments with which to work besides purely letters. He becomes the artist and the composer as well as the poet. His words are interpreted visually and aurally. Dex Hannon first began this project 13 years ago, whilst researching for another project on Synaesthesia. Whilst researching the work of Schoenberg and Kandinsky he found the poem Vowels by Rimbaud, in which he had assigned a colour to each vowel. Dex decided to push this concept further. Was it possible to unite sound, words, and art? To go deeper into synaesthesia? Straight away he was met with two major problems. Firstly, music is composed in a completely different way to that of poetry and art. Secondly, the technology wasn’t advanced enough. The idea was left sitting in his head for the next 11 years. Professor Liz Dobson heard the idea and invited Dex to pitch the idea to students at Collabhub, a project based within Huddersfield University that gives students the opportunity to work with each other across disciplines, as well as with artists, film makers, writers, and musicians external to the university. Dex Hannon pitched the concept and is now working with Alex Baker (sonics Composer) and Reuben Thomas (visual composer) Working together, they have finally made Dex’s idea come to life. Colours Sound project lives. This is a brand new, never performed, multimedia installation.

Collaboration workshop run by Sebastian (new alumni)
Workshop in StPaul’s with a hint of the Colour Sound Font installation



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