Welcome to a new Yorkshire based

sound network for women…

I’m Liz. I’m starting a Yorkshire based network to bring like-minded women together, to share knowledge and skills in music and sound technology, sonic arts, production, audio electronics and, well, basically anything to do with using kit to make sound. We will begin in Huddersfield and see where things take us…

So if you are:

a) interested in music technologies, learning new skills, or you DJ, produce, make noise, perform, composer soundtracks, do physical computing and circuit bending, algorave or anything that you consider to be connected with sound at any level;

b) interested in finding and working with other women, mentoring, studying, sharing knowledge and exploring other skills and technologies;


c) interested in this kind of community, perhaps even in helping to develop it

please could you add your details to my mailing list and ‘like’ the Facebook page. I will organise the first meeting soon for anyone interested in joining me on this quest to build a local sound network for women.

I should be clear also that this is a community that warmly welcomes and includes all women; including transgender and transexual women. If you are uncertain please don’t hesitate to write.



– to set up a network for all women who work with sound where the only currency is knowledge

– to build community and confidence in sound and music practices

– to run regular meetings (initially in Huddersfield)

– to create a mentor based environment conducive to knowledge sharing while simultaneously creating opportunities to learn through mentoring

– to offer opportunities for members to work with equipment that isn’t readily available to everyone, especially people who are not already involved in an institution or community of practice

– to generate new initiatives that inspire women and girls to explore music and sound technology

– to facilitate workshops and special interest sessions on music and sound technology

– to revise and improve this list!

There is just one requirement: to main a mutual respect for all members, and a core motivation for knowledge sharing in a relaxed learning environment.

zoe blade
Zoë Blade and x explaining the x synth to postgraduate composers Elena Hidalgo and Jung In Jung as one of our undergraduate students explores the kit.

This will be a relaxed and enjoyable space where all members are encouraged to explore unfamiliar technologies, take technical and creative risks, ask questions and offering ideas. Recognising that there are fewer women involved in digital and technical aspects of music, this is one possible response it I hope it will become a valuable community for offering knowledge, support and information.

About me

I teach music technology at The University of Huddersfield. For me this means sound design, computer based composition, film soundtracks and techniques for expressive virtual instrument mock-up. I started a group for multi-disciplinary collaboration in 2012 and this has grown into a strong community of practitioners presenting ideas and developing new projects. In January 2015 I went to Berlin to interview women who make music and sound using technology, and though this research is just beginning we set up the EQ Network together. A group that meets regularly to share knowledge, technical skills and information about opportunities that may be of shared interest. So now, recognising the value of these kinds of communities I’ve decided to get something going here in Huddersfield. Once we have started we can investigate interest, funding opportunities and develop this into something really fantastic.


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