Julian Surma as been attending meetings and the CollabHub symposium throughout his degree. Drawing on the networking and project development possibilities he has developed lasting collaborative relationships with students in other departments as well as with people outside the university.

He says:

“CollabHub, without a doubt has helped to sculpt my professional identity and has prepared me for my post university career. CollabHub has been an important stepping stone in my student life and has given me opportunities to collaborate with people from many different disciplines such as media and game design. These working relationships and the outcome of projects, have already proved to be very beneficial as I have been able to present my portfolio when successfully tendering for work outside of university.”

Enthusiastic to get involved and see where things might lead, Julian developed his interest in education through a special CollabHub initiative with business degree students. His team developed new software, drawing on gamification education for music theory learning and he is now well connected within the indie games network and has now secured a professional collaboration with Fireblanket Games. All before completing his degree in Music Technology and Popular Music!

Visit his portfolio here: http://www.juliansurmamusic.co.uk/

Meetings take place throughout the academic year – so keep an eye on the Facebook group for news!

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