(CFC) Projection Mapping in Huddersfield (2014)

  Banana Audio are looking for Animators, Graphic designers and Film makers to collaborate on a projection mapping project in Huddersfield. The aim is to develop a full scale projection mapping installation, possibly on a building that can be displayed in a public setting. Secondary aims include the learning of communication and workflow between creative … Continue reading (CFC) Projection Mapping in Huddersfield (2014)

Huddlefest (2014)

April 2014 Did¬†you know about Huddlefest? CollabHub is hugely supportive of the work that they're doing, especially as they are keen to hear from you if you want to be involved. On Saturday September 20th 2014 there will be a 10,000 ticket music and arts festival at Greenhead park. Follow news here on Facebook¬†and on … Continue reading Huddlefest (2014)

(CFC) Student Posts (2013)

Originally by Alex Debman in 2013 I'm setting this page up to feature guest posts by students and visitors to CollabHub - if you want to write a blog post about your collaborative work, providing other media to help other people understand what you're all about just e-mail a document to collabhub@hud.ac.uk Also, I'm looking … Continue reading (CFC) Student Posts (2013)