Yorkshire Sound Women Network (2015)

Welcome to a new Yorkshire based sound network for women... I'm Liz. I'm starting a Yorkshire based network to bring like-minded women together, to share knowledge and skills in music and sound technology, sonic arts, production, audio electronics and, well, basically anything to do with using kit to make sound. We will begin in Huddersfield and see where … Continue reading Yorkshire Sound Women Network (2015)

Symposium Concert (2015)

St Paul's Church World Premiere of Colour Sound Font  An installation created collaboratively with Dex Hannon (who's work you can currently see exhibited at the Lawrence Batley Theatre), Reuben Thomas and Alex Baker. Both University of Huddersfield undergraduates through most of the development of this project. Rob Rideout's Bad Ideas Band  A live band format … Continue reading Symposium Concert (2015)

(CFC) Projection Mapping in Huddersfield (2014)

  Banana Audio are looking for Animators, Graphic designers and Film makers to collaborate on a projection mapping project in Huddersfield. The aim is to develop a full scale projection mapping installation, possibly on a building that can be displayed in a public setting. Secondary aims include the learning of communication and workflow between creative … Continue reading (CFC) Projection Mapping in Huddersfield (2014)

Electronic Crafts (2014)

Posted November 25th 2014     Electronic crafts is an informal, interdisciplinary club, that will soon be run fortnightly on Wednesday afternoons. It focuses upon learning programming and electronics as a craft-oriented, material practice.   A series of hands on workshops introduce Processing (http://www.processing.org) and Arduino (http://www.arduino.cc) with a view to integrating sensors, motors, lights and displays to form … Continue reading Electronic Crafts (2014)

Current Collabhub projects (2014)

Several new projects were pitched at the first meeting in October this year. These include: Projection Mapping with original animation and music (Seb and Lewis from Banana audio) Text and Textiles with Unpretentious Arts A music business enterprise with Dr Julio d'Escrivan Supporting a battle of the bands for the Mrs Sunderland music festival Rob's … Continue reading Current Collabhub projects (2014)

What is having the initiative? (2014)

By Abigail McAlpine and Richard Gartland Initiative is not something you can purchase in stores. You can be given all the skills and knowledge required to do a task but not have the ability to see the opportunities where there are none. Having the initiative means taking the lead and that introductory step, having the … Continue reading What is having the initiative? (2014)