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We have a couple of different newsletters for Collabhub so you don’t feel spammed by us with things that might be irrelevant to you. We make no promises on how regular the newsletters will be as we’re a social enterprise run by volunteers, we sometimes don’t manage to stay in touch as we intend to.  We aim to send you updates once a month! 

Members of the Community – General Newsletter:

This newsletter will have updates about the latest meeting dates and collaboration pitches! We’ll also use this newsletter to promote local opportunities or events that may be of interest to our readers! We struggle to stay in touch on social media sometimes – due to the algorithms requiring “financial boosts” to stay in touch with people who like our page or join our group! This newsletter should allow us to stay in touch with you in future.

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We have a newsletter especially for you with collaboration announcements that you may want to get involved with, student events including information about careers opportunities and specific opportunities we may throw your way – such as free headshots for the all-important LinkedIn profile, or careers advice drop in’s at the university.

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