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EQ Network

Welcome to the EQ Network!

This Berlin based group was formed on February 10th 2015. Welcoming women involved in electronic music and sound work of any kind.

– This is a group for all women (1) working with any kind of sound technology in music
– The only currency exchanged is knowledge and/or skills. Bring some of your skills and offer them in exchange for new skills
– To be a member of the EQ Network means recognition that we can provide a mutual help for each other, potentially helping talented but unestablished artists to grow in both skills and confidence by being part of a wider community of supportive practitioners. Collaborations could also be possible.
– Members will agree regular meetings (i.e. monthly).
– Members just agree to foster a supportive environment without burden to particular individuals.

(1)For all women and all genders underrepresented within any genre of music technology. 

Events are held at EXIT (Wienerstraße 32, Berlin) on the first Tuesday of every month. 

The April 2015 meeting is on the 14th – 17.00

The focus of each meeting depends on what members of the group choose to bring to the table. You can see the meeting history at the bottom of this page.

Most current information is here 


Current members: float in and out depending on their schedules

– are engaged in work with Ableton, DJ equipment, Max, live synth and sampling controllers, piezo microphones and circuit bending, coding;

– are engaged in studio based composition (including electroacoustic music) and live improvisation;

– seem to prioritise ideas over kit! Concepts, ideas, literature… all are passionate about their work!

New members: If you’re interested in coming to a meeting please contact us.

Come to a meeting to find out more, and then consider what you would like to offer (skills, knowledge, experience, insights) in the future.


Member profiles

Here are just a few of the people engaged with this community. More profiles will be posted and updated over time. Would you like your profile here? If so you just need to start attending meetings.


 Josa Peit
Josa Peit sings, writes and sculpts soundscapes.

She combines influences from electronica with disco, psych, folk and soul elements, embracing analog and digital technology.





Korhan “Liz” Erel.

Korhan “Liz” Erel is a gender-fluid computer musician, improviser, composer and sound artist based in Berlin. S/he uses various digital technologies and field recordings to freely improvise, to create conceptual sound performances as well as lately creating works of sound art.



photo credit: Alex Geigold

photo credit: Alex Geigold

Mad Kate aka Kathryn Fischer

Im a performance artist, musician and producer based in Berlin. Currently hard at work with two main projects, HYENAZ and Mad Kate the Tide.

21.03.2015 – Friday | Lisbon – The Lounge HYENAZ Critical Magic

27.03.2026 – Friday | Setubal – Casa da Cultura HYENAZ Critical Magic




ellieEllie Gregorie

Electroacoustic composer with various related practices and interests:




quebec city 2014, amplified sewing machine and tape, copy m.lambert_avatarFlora Könemann

Interview with Flora
‘I do improvised / experimental soundperformance by using electronic and analogue sound generators like tape players, amplified objects of every kind, contact microphones, found & self-recorded audio tapes, modified typewriters and self-built / circuit bended electronics. My current interest crucially takes into consideration the role of the performer, the embodied presence of the performer as a body of resonance within experimental live soundperformance by reflecting on the spatial set up and performative aspect of sounding and resonating objects: How are liveness and mediatisation placed and performed in order to create ‘spaces of experience’ (Erfahrungsräume) or even ‘auratic atmosphere’ (in terms of auratic perception aestetics as an auratic process) that leave a connecting trace of actual experience for both the listener_viewer as well as for the performer?’.’

Martina Baltkalne

Coding and city soundscapes 






me2Liz Dobson

Classical background, orchestration and string quartet arrangements for popular music.

Music for film and arts initiatives for communities (sometimes composing and creating sound design, sometimes facilitating).

Also academic with a special interest in creative process, particularly within collaboration:

Lives in the UK, so present at meetings via skype. Interested in hearing from anyone keen to set up an EQ Network in the UK. Just email Liz using the contact menu.



Noise Manifesto proactive in supporting equality in music

female:pressure  database of female identified musicians and visual artists



Background: Liz Dobson is a music technology lecturer who is interested in providing supportive mechanisms for girls and women to develop skills in music technology. She travelled to Berlin to interview musicians in January 2015 for a month, and seeing the potential for mutual support, she suggested this group as a way of bringing them together. The EQ Network exists to bring about opportunities for knowledge exchange and community around various forms of sound and electronic music, which is a domain that is relatively male dominant. There are sociocultural benefits for this kind of community that I would be happy to discuss.


Past meetings

Meet 1: Soldering With Flora Könemann Video link

Click here to see 

March 8th at 2pm EXIT Wienerstraße 32
In this first demo meeting Flora will be providing a workshop on soldering.
As this is a knowledge exchange, please could you see if you have particular skills or knowledge that you could put forward for a workshop. It would be nice to base that on what Flora might be most interested in doing as the first volunteer.


Meet 2: Welcome! Bring some of your work to share to kick things off. 

March 11th at 2pm EXIT Wienerstraße 32
This is a chance for members of the EQ Network to find out more about the rest of the group.
The focus is obviously on exploring techniques, ideas, sharing knowledge in a mutually supportive environment.
This meeting became an important meeting for planning and establishing the EQ Network. I will post something about this soon.

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