Innovation through collaboration

Why CollabHub?

When I have a moment I’ll outline the core ideas that underpinned my reason to arrange that first meeting. The journey of creating CollabHub has actually motivated me to keep it going, as the students have inspired me with their ideas, commitment and genuine care about this idea for interdisciplinary collaboration.

For now, I must focus on assessment and preparations for the Symposium, but in the near future I’ll offer some thoughts and ideas for setting up a CollabHub. It is full of interesting stories, such as the story of Joshua who is collaborating with sound designers, Donna Peach (a new PhD student), and creating work that is attracting interest from beyond the University beyond CollabHub. Joshua is a first year conceptual art student and he is one of many who are making the most of what this hub has offered so far. I will also tell my story, in part to document it, but mainly for others. Perhaps you will start a CollabHub. Trust me, it’s an exciting journey and probably the most invigorating experience of my  professional life so far.


“Young artists are frequently beset with anxiety. They are confronted by self-doubt. In addition to the encouragement derived from studying the lives of their artistic models, these individuals also need support from those around them…”

(Vera John-Steiner, 1997, p61)


Liz Dobson talks about CollabHub and the UnLtd funding

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