Innovation through collaboration

March 8th – soldering with Flora Könemann

6 EQ Network members met – Martina, Adrienne, Mad Kate, Steffi, Flora and Liz (via Skype).

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 13.48.01

Picture of the group setting up via Skype


Showing steffi

Checking for the right temperature (possibly)

This session was delivered by Flora Könemann who generously shared her knowledge of soldering. It was good to have a practical session and it facilitated lots of discussion around the practical work, as well as links to other aspects of coding and interface work.

EQ soldering

Fun to watch from the UK but I need to get hands on now!

As Liz couldn’t make it in person (due to being in the UK) the group enabled her (me) to watch over skype! 

The next meeting is on March 11th


Liz (in the UK) talking about Flora's solar powered noise object





Soup and sound

Soup and sound

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