Innovation through collaboration

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Welcome to the new academic year!

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the first meeting of this academic year. Explore the website to see the kinds of projects people have undertaken in the past. We are really keen to welcome more students from engineering, science, education and human and health sciences too! The power of multidisciplinary collaboration is that it offers potential for true innovation.

So if you have an idea, a dream or just a project you’d like to get off the ground. You can come to a meeting, pitch it and see if there are other people interested in bringing complementary skills to the table.

CollabHub is the platform for exploring and building your networks too. You could find your future business partner, or build a creative team!

Watch this space…

Best wishes

Liz Dobson and the CollabHub Team.


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Collaboration with 6Million+ continues

In 2005 Kirklees Council supported by Arts Council England delivered an extensive project to show the scale of the Holocaust and other genocides. Artist Antonia Stowe designed installations and events, curating the 6million+ projects, which have drawn a wide range of communities together for reflection.

In 2013 a group of students engaged with this via CollabHub, creating a short animation that was then shown as part of the Holocaust memorial event at Huddersfield Town Hall.

Some of the original animation team are now working together again, this time collaboratively with Kim Strickson. They are creating a film that shows two young people from the Jewish and Romani communities sharing their thoughts on this topic.

Alex, Pip, Alex and Winnie with  Kim Strickson and two young people making a film about the thoughts provoked by Antonia Stowe's 6 million+ work about the scale of the Holocaust and other genocides.

Alex, Pip, Alex and Winnie with Kim Strickson and two young people making a film about the thoughts provoked by Antonia Stowe’s 6 million+ work about the scale of the Holocaust and other genocides.

There are a more photographs on the 6Million+ Facebook Page where you can find more information about the wider project. Also if this topic is of interest to you I recommend looking at their main website

This is a topic that is close to my own heart as my own grandfather, a Jewish German boy, escaped the Holocaust to come to England alone. So I can’t say how delighted I am to know that our students are involved in this work. Finally, when students join CollabHub it is difficult for them to see the immediate benefits.

The most visionary students understand that small step investments in collaborative partnerships lead to stronger professional relationships, broader portfolios and ultimately confidence in their work, within this community and beyond. I often wonder what these individuals and teams will be doing in 5-10 years.

CollabHub will resume in early October, with a welcome and opening pitches. If you would like to pitch a project, or just come to find out more please join our mailing list.  You don’t have to be a student at the University to pitch; CollabHub welcomes all communities to network and present ideas for multi-disciplinary collaboration. 

Liz Dobson

University of Huddersfield lecturer and manager of CollabHub.

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Curious to attend a CollabHub meeting?

Meetings start again officially October but a small working group will be meeting over the summer. If you want to know more about when meetings are happening just join the mailing list (see tab above).

There are two key aims of the meetings:

– to provide anyone with an idea the chance to stand up and talk about it. This means explaining the basic project and the skills/collaborative team that you’re looking to build;

– to provide networking in this diverse community, within The University of Huddersfield and beyond. 

So you can dream up a project and see if you can find people with the skills to make it happen, or simply come along to see what ideas other people have to present. Other kinds of events happen throughout the year. 

Planning group

If you are a current student or alumni with prior involvement in CollabHub, and you are interested in joining the working group please let us know by posting on the Facebook group:

2014-10-17 19.06.17

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Synaesthesia colour font – performance in the music technology summer showcase event June 22nd

Tonight is the annual summer showcase of some outstanding music technology work. Film soundtracks, sound design, surround sound works spanning a wide range of electronic genres and Dex Hannon, Reuben Thomas and Alex Baker’s collaboration created via the CollabHub. 

Starts at 7.30 in Phipps Hall in the Creative Arts Building at The University of Huddersfield. 

Everyone is welcome but make sure you’re really early to avoid disappointment. 

Also, if your interested in networking and pitching events via CollabHub please see the ‘Mailing List’ tab and add your details. We’re also interested to hear from anyone that might be interested in planning for the next CollabHub year! 

See you soon, 


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Celebrating collaboration at the symposium

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 3rd festival of collaboration this year. We have more images and video footage to share over the next few weeks, particularly of the music collaborations presented in the concert at the end of the day. For how a few images from Chermagne Barnachea and myself (Liz) to give you a feel for the day.

CollabHub starts again in September and we’re offering a schedule for students to fill with ideas and projects that you want to develop. More to follow on that in August.

For now, to receive news click on our mailing list tab to stay informed!

Visit this web page to see a full set of images from the day. 


Linda Lewis


Brendan (yr 1) and Seb (Banana Audio and alumni) teaching Ableton Live


Pip delivering an Illustrator workshop



Michal (yr 1) sharing his speed reading knowledge while gaining experience of presenting.


Alex Johansson sharing his Makey Makey skills – making game controllers out of cardboard boxes.


Cake provided by Laura


Brief welcome from Liz



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CollabHub Symposium 2015

Welcoming you to the 3rd annual networking festival of collaboration

May 16th at The University of Huddersfield

Register here for a free place

Come to meet local organisations and see how you might put your skills to use in our local communities.

Inviting you…

Welcoming local businesses, community groups, undergraduates and alumni, and companies from all sectors

to come to the Creative Arts Building and St Pauls Church for a day of networking,

to explore collaborative and partnership potential.


Special guest speakers

Paulo Marini on The Incredible Aquagarden

Alex Johansson

Free ‘Basic introduction to….’  workshops – click to see more

Ableton Live, Illustrator, public speaking, speed reading, animation, photoshop and drum programming.

Expo –  click to see more

Local organisations interested in collaboration and networking

Concert – click to see more

New interactive work by local artist Dex Hannon and students Reuben Thomas and Alex Baker

Click here to see the full schedule

alex j

Jacob 2

Ready to meet you at the Collaboration Hub Expo… 

Building on the market idea from 2014 we are delighted to be offering a platform for local organisations and individuals to present work and invite collaboration.

Craft-Workshop-Sign-02 %282%29 Amy Hirst from Sensation Arts representing The Making Space Project with Rachel Walker

making space1
Matd high res logo 2014
banana audio useKirkwood Hospice Logo
Kirklees Libraries

UserRich CollabHub logo
“Putting human interaction at the forefront of innovative thinking.


Would you like to book space in the Expo?

Please view the document below, and then write to us via the contact page
Potter David Helm

Potter David Helm


Please contact us to be included in the mailing list

Make it clear if you would like to book a table in the expo and we can follow this up with you.

trenchbrain josh ian

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CollabHub Symposium May 16th – hold the date

We are very close to announcing the lineup for the 2015 CollabHub Symposium. 

We have two very special guest speakers lined up, lots of local community organisations poised to participate in the collaboration expo, a world premier, potentially a prize giving and lots of ‘basic introduction to…’ workshops (Ableton, Illustrator, public speaking…)

The CollabHub Symposium is for EVERYONE – all ages invited to come to the university for networking and building links, learning and potentially collaborating!

The event is free and we hope to see you there. You will need a ticket. It is free but the full schedule and booking information will be posted here very soon….

grubs up

If you would like to participate (host a table in the expo or simply attend) please contact us here