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Symposium – is….?

Well if you google it you’ll find that it’s a drinking party 

Kinda! This is probably sightly more accurate:

The CollabHub Symposium is more of a kind of incubator – an exhibition and celebration of collaborative work done this year. It is also a chance for lots of people to come together, enjoy cake, music, chat, network and dream up projects. Contact if you’d like to post on this blog, or to participate in the Symposium.

Also see the symposium menu tab and Facebook event to book your ticket. More info is also posted on the CollabHub Facebook Group!

Zoe and Robyn presenting collaborative work at a CollabHub meeting


Symposium over…


Here you can see the Facebook posts for the day

All done – I’ll blog and post more pics and thoughts about the Symposium soon.

Please view this link to see just photographs!

Really well done to everyone who took part. There were 50 delegates and I’ve received quite a few feedback forms. Robyn’s team have been booked for 3 professional jobs and it was brilliant to see so many people from outside the University. I loved seeing everyone playing Trenchbrain and the concert team did such really professional job. Really well done all!

I’m marking now for a couple of weeks, but will be blogging here soon.

E-mail me with your thoughts about induction week. What do you want to do … ?