Innovation through collaboration

Welcome to 2014_15!

Welcome to what already promises to be an explosive year for our interdisciplinary hub!

You’ll find a mass of information on this blog, but here is a brief summary of news to get us all on the same page. 

Firstly the first annual meeting is in St Pauls

Please join the event here:

Also check out the Facebook group and event – where you can tell us if you’d like a few minutes to pitch an idea (modest or ambitious). 



Shaping the direction of CollabHub

There is a core CollabHub team. If you would like to be on this organising committee please send us a message via Facebook. Liz Dobson will get back to you as soon as possible. You might be student, alumni, postgraduate, staff, local artist/writer/dancer/business anything! CollabHub is genuinely for everyone so don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Further information that might be of interest

What is CollabHub?

What happens at a meeting?

Why CollabHub?

Mapping collaborations and networks


Photograph by Alex Moldovan

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